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Introducing the staff of our neonatal unit

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We would like to tell you about the staff working in the Neonatal unit that you may come into contact with while your baby is being cared for in hospital.




Other staff

The Pennisula Neonatal

Network Transport Service



We have a staff of over 60 nurses within the neonatal unit with skills, which vary enormously. Many have trained as, Registered General Nurses or Registered Children's Nurses; the majority holds qualifications in neonatal nursing and all are actively encouraged to be open to the new developments in the treatment of sick babies, which enable us to give the highest possible standard of care.

There is a sister on each shift who is the ward coordinator. Their role is to ensure the smooth running of the NNU. If you have any concerns or queries regarding the care of your baby they will be able to discuss them with you

Sue Prosser is the senior nurse. The matron is Louise Rattenbury. They are accountable for operational management of the neonatal unit, a role with a wide range of responsibilities, varying from professional leadership to maintaining and developing neonatal services within the unit.

Any issue you may have regarding the care of you and your baby can be discussed with them. They can be contacted 01392 406627



Nurses' shift patterns


Long day 07.30 – 20.00
Night 19.30 - 08.00


The nurse looking after your baby on any given shift will introduce herself to you and be able to update you on any progress or developments. Offering support to parents and families is central to the work of a neonatal nurse. However, her first priority is the care of your baby. Within the low dependency nursery the registered staff are supported by health care assistants and nursery nurses who are all specifically trained to care for this group of babies. Doctors are updated regularly by your baby's nurse and if you have any problems or need any help then she can point you in the right direction.

Babies who need to be moved to or from another hospital for intensive care/emergency surgery will be accompanied by a nurse from the peninsula transport team – based in Derriford hospital, Plymouth. The transport service consists of a team of staff that have been specifically trained to transfer critically ill babies.


Staff supporting your nurse

In the low dependency nursery registered nursing staff are supported by health care assistants and nursery nurses who are all specifically trained to care for this group of babies.

Nurses are assisted by neonatal assistants who clean equipment after use and make sure that the nurseries are well stocked.


Doctors are updated regularly by your baby's nurse and if you have any problems or need any help then she will point you in the right direction.


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Consultants (senior doctors)

Consultants are our most senior doctors within the neonatal unit. This means that they have extensive experience in paediatrics and now specialise in the care of babies.


We have 7 neonatal consultants who, between them, provide 24 hour cover 7 days a week.


Our consultants are:

Our consultants are the most experienced members of our medical team and will direct the care of your baby. The progress and treatment of each baby in intensive care is discussed by our team of doctors every day usually headed by a consultant.


As well as being responsible for the treatment of your baby our consultants also have many other responsibilities including supervising, supporting and teaching junior doctors and administration and research work.


The consultant will also continue to see your baby after discharge in the out-patient clinic.


If necessary your baby’s consultant may refer your baby to other specialists.


As a parent you can ask to discuss any concerns you may have about your baby with a consultant. Just ask your nurse and she will arrange for this to happen.


Junior doctors

We have a number of doctors in training following completion of their primary medical qualifications. Most are pursuing a career in childrens’ medicine as a specialty whilst some have chosen to spend a brief period working in this area as part of training for another specialty.


They work in 2 tiers under the supervision of the consultants. Those in the first tier have had less medical experience with children whilst those in the second tier have spent a minimum of 3 years specialising in childrens’ medicine. The 3 levels work closely as a team with our nursing colleagues.


ANNP's - An advanced neonatal nurse practitioner is a registered neonatal nurse who has undertaken further training to masters in order to advance their neonatal skills and knowledge. On completion of the course the ANNP is able to take responsibility for the care of the baby on the NNU under the supervision of the consultant.


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Other staff involved with the unit

Specialist doctors
As well as the doctors and nurses who are based within the neonatal unit you may meet other professionals who could be called upon to help in the care of your baby.


These include:

Other professionals

Other staff

Others do not have any direct contact with the babies on the unit but provide a vital service none the less:

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The Pennisula Neonatal Network Transport Service

The Pennisula Neonatal Network Transport Team is based at the Derriford Hosiptal, Plymouth.

They, along with medical staff, are responsible for the safe transfer of your baby from one hospital to another for various reasons.

Reasons for your baby needing a transfer

Transport Incubator

Your baby will be transferred in a transport incubator. It is specifically designed to give your baby the care he/she needs to ensure a safe and comfortable transfer.

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