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A - Z Services - Lymphoedema Service

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Service Name:

Exeter Lymphoedema Service



Cancer Services





General description of what the service does:

Assesses, treats  and supports patients with the management of primary and secondary lymphoedema


What is Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a tissue swelling caused by a build up of lymph, which is a normal body fluid, usually in the arms or legs, but sometimes in other parts of the body. Normally the lymphatic network of fine tubes drains lymph and returns it to the bloodstream but when the system is not working properly, lymphoedema can occur.


Where are you located:

RD&E Heavitree Hospital level 1


Treatments and procedures done:

Compression treatments with garments and/or multi- layer lymphoedema bandaging, skin care and exercise.


Medical conditions treated:

Primary and secondary lymphoedema


Wards you work with:

We run an out patient service


Contact phone numbers:

01392 405655 for the lymphoedema office.


Contact email addresses:


Brief description of what staff makes up your team:

This is a nurse- led clinic

Lead Nurse: Alison Authers
Specialist nurses: Jayne Fahy and Michele Tiltman
Specialist Staff Nurse: Maggie Ruggles
Consultant support from Consultant Dermatologist Carolyn Charman


Opening times:

Daily out patients clinics ( no cover for nurses holidays, study leave etc.) 08:30 – 17:00


List of any charity partners:

Macmillan Cancer support


Details of patient user / support groups:

The local support group meets twice a year


Divisional Director Specalist Services:

John Groom


Clinical Director:

Tina Grose, Lead Cancer Nurse


Cluster Managers Cancer Services:

Louise Tillotson and Fran Lowery