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Foundation Programme - F1

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F1 - General Medicine


The department



Consultants: Dr J Dean, Dr M Gandhi, Dr D Smith
Dr A Taylor, Dr P Spurrell, Dr N Bellenger, Dr A Sharpe
4 F1 Posts based on Avon/Taw.


Respiratory Medicine

Consultants: Dr C Sheldon, Dr D Halpin, Dr N Withers,
Dr B Patel/Dr h Bakere/Dr M Gibbons
3 F1 Posts based on Culm Ward



Consultants: Dr T Daneshmend, Dr R Ayres,
Dr J Christie, Dr T Shirazi, Dr T Ahmad, Dr S Prasad, Dr U Thalheimer
3 F1 Posts based on Okement Ward


Diabetes / Endocrinology

Consultants: Dr M Daly, Dr H Lockett, Dr A Brookes, Dr R Warren
1 F1 post based on Lowman Ward


Care of Elderly

Consultants: Dr S Harris, Dr A Hemsley,
Dr M James, Dr M Jeffreys, Dr J Sword,
Dr R Sheridan, Dr A Hinton, Dr P Mudd
5 F1 posts based on Clyst /Bovey/Kenn ward


The type of work to expect and learning opportunities


Base ward working
The F1s will be timetabled so that 2 out of the 3/4 F1s at any time are working on the base wards.  During this time F1 doctors will work 9-5 on the base wards having exposure to acutely ill general medical patients with a speciality base (as listed above). F1 doctors will be supervised by the consultants and senior clinical staff.  The advantage of this model will be that F1 doctors are able to have a continuing period of time on the ward, which will have the following educational benefits:

  1. Excellent experience in continuity of care and discharge of patients.
  1. Regular protected meetings with their clinical and educational supervisors, which will help facilitate the processes of appraisal and assessment, including Mini-CEX, DOPS, and CbD.

During this 4 month attachment, F1 doctors will take part in the acute medical rota involving time spent on the Acute Medical Unit (approximately weeks). Together with on call duties, weekends and nights, both on the Acute Medical Unit, and also covering the medical wards.


Acute Medical Unit
Time will also be spent on the AMU, a 47 bedded ward for accurate assessment and stabilisation of acute medical admissions.  There is a high level of consultant supervision and excellent exposure to unselected medical patients during this attachment.


Day to day supervision of the F1 doctor will be by the Acute Consultant Physician and senior clinical staff. Acute Consultants based on AMU

Dr Bill Lusty
Dr Tom Whitehead
Dr Russell O’Brien
Professor Anthony Nicholls
Dr Hugh Bakere
Dr James Mulcahy
Dr Helen Lockett

Where the placement is based

Royal Devon & Exeter Foundation NHS Trust, Barrack Road, Exeter EX2 5DW


Clinical Supervisor(s) for the placement

To be confirmed on commencement


Typical working pattern in this placement

Full shift pattern at 1B banding (40%)


Employer information


Placements are all subject to change.